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About Prom Limos..

Wedding Car Hire AwardsWelcome to Prom Limos - The UK's most popular limo hire company offering more stretch limo hire options compared to any other UK based limo booking service.

Prom Limos is specialist website offering prom transport for school prom parties which is owned by the Limo Broker Group.

Having over 8 years experience in limo hire and brokerage, our company is confident to offer the best service at the very best prices.

We understand that a school prom is a special event and you want to make the most of it, therefore we have already negotiated deals with your local limo operators which will help our customers save even more money by booking with us.

There are many advantages of booking a limo with Prom Limos.. One of them is the price! As a broker we have already secured many vehicles for popular prom dates around the UK, a bit like 'buying in bulk' - This means that you are about to get the best limo hire deal and much higher chance of availability.

For more details about hiring a limo, please get in touch with us today.